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         Time Changes the Nature of the Whole World [1060-4]   for SATB voices and piano
COMPOSER Leslie Kleen
AUTHOR Lucretius

A Package of 10 copies for SATB voices and Piano
This is a segment of the Poem "On the Nature of Things"  (De Rerum Natura)
by Titus Lucretius Carus in the first century BC.
It is translated from the Latin by the poet A.E. Stallings
8 pages
This is also available in the collection "Four Lucretius Songs"

" Time changes the nature of the whole world,
and one phase must be succeeded by the next;
there is no thing that stays the same.
Everything flows, Nature makes everything alter,
For as one thing grows feeble with old age and starts to falter,
Another strengthens, emerging from obscurity.
So age, therefore changes the nature of the whole world,
and one stage of the Earth gives way to another;
Earth cannot bear anymore what once she could,
but now brings forth what she could not before."

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