music from riverside

       In the dark Pine-wood
[1049-8]  for SATB voices a cappella -  a package of 10 copies

COMPOSER Leslie Kleen
AUTHOR James Joyce


This is the eighth song of nine in the group of songs called "Chamber Music".
Nine Love Poems  in a very romantic, fanciful language written by James Joyce in 1907. 
2 Pages 
Moderately difficult with chromatic changes and close harmonies. 
From the collection of 36 love poems called "Chamber Music" published in 1907.
The full collection of nine songs is also available.  see Chamber Music
In the dark pine−wood
I would we lay,
In deep cool shadow
At noon of day.
How sweet to lie there,
Sweet to kiss,
Where the great pine−forest
Enaisled is!
Thy kiss descending
Sweeter were
With a soft tumult
Of thy hair.
O unto the pine−wood
At noon of day
Come with me now,
Sweet love, away.

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