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       Songs from the Chinese   [1048]    for solo voice and piano
COMPOSER Leslie Kleen
AUTHOR Tang Dynasty Poets
TRANSLATOR Kenneth L. Patton

18 poems in English from Chinese poets from the Tang Dynasty period with piano accompaniment.
57 Pages 
Poets include Li Po, Wang Wei, Han-Shan, Po Chi-i, Meng Hao-Jan
Difficulty: Fairly easy
English settings by Kenneth L. Patton, selected  from his publication: "The Chinese Poets of Nature and Humanity", 1984
This is also available with a guitar accompaniment: Songs from the Chinese for solo voice and guitar
Each piece is also available separately. 
On Hearing Chun Play His Lute
Spring Rain
The Pines
Joy of Fields and Gardens
The Rapids by the Luans
Magnolia Bank
Three Poems
Bamboo Grove House

From a Maid to Her Far Away Lover
Free Flowing Water
A Poem on Wine
Waiting for my Friend Tang
Southern Hill
My Chung-Nan Retreat
Dogwood Bank
A Night With a Friend

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