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       What We Meant To Say [1013]      for SATB voices a cappella
COMPOSER Leslie Kleen
AUTHOR Theodosia Garrison


A humorous view of tossing and turning at night worrying whether we have been understood
The tossing and turning is amplified with repetitions of phrases.
2 Pages
Easy, with barbershop style harmonies.
Theodosia Garrison is an American poet who lived from 1874 to 1944.

There is also a version for TTBB a cappella
Within my bed the whole night through,
I turn and turn and think of you,
And wonder when we met today
If you said what you meant to say.
And what you thought I thought you meant.
And were you sorry when I went?
And did you get my meaning when...
And then the whole thing through again.
I only hope that somewhere you
Are sleeping badly too.

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