Creating a slide show on DVD

 So you have all these great photos from your new digital camera -
How do you show them off?

Well, you can have everyone gather around your computer screen,
or print them off using the expensive photo paper and then pass them around.

Finally, a better idea!  

Put your slide show on a DVD and everyone gather around the TV to watch it.

Send copies to friends and relatives.  
Nearly everyone has a DVD connected to their TV these days.
And it is just a fraction of the cost of making prints for everyone.

Put a slide show on DVD $12.00 per 100 slides

This price includes
    Note: after the first DVD is created, copies are only $4.00 each.

Vanilla - each slide is displayed for a fixed amount of time without special effects or transitions (dissolves used exclusively).

This works just fine because you can use the pause at any time to stop on one slide, and you can use the fast forward or fast reverse to move quickly through a group of slides.

Video DVD Editing
    add sophisticated qualities to your slide show

Slide Show DVD Edits $25.00 per hour

Editing possibilities:

Your digital slides can be

Note: DVD is a TV quality picture which is not as fine as the original picture.  Be sure and retain the original version of your photo in some storage media in addition to the DVD version.

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