Convert 35mm slides or negatives to digital images

 A better way to share and keep important pictures
The conversion is made by scanning the original with a special slide scanner.  It produces a picture of approximately 4000 x 3000 pixels.  This is about the same as a 20 mega pixel camera.

35mm mounted slides or unmounted negatives will produce the best quality image.  Negatives are often better because they have not faded or accumulated scratches or dust that the 35mm slides have.

Convert slides, negatives, or prints to digital image files $.30 per photo

This price includes
Note: some camera stores offer e-mail quality, which is a low-resolution version for emailing only.  Much detail is lost in this version.  The low resolution can be made from the high resolution version, and you still have a file that retains the original detail.

Digital Image Editing
    Sorting and reordering pictures, color and balance correction

Image Edits $25.00 per hour

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