Converting your records and tapes to Audio CDs

Convert LP to Audio CD $8.00
Convert 45s to Audio CD $8.00 per CD
Convert 78s to Audio CD $8.00 per CD
Convert Cassette Tape to Audio CD $8.00 per CD

This price includes
    We use high-quality 24-bit M-Audio A-D converters,
     JVC AX7 Turntable, and Sony TC-WE805S Cassette Deck

Option:  Reduce Scratches, Pops, and Hiss
    Even if your record is not in the best of shape, we can improve the sound by
     applying algorithmic scratch, pop and hiss noise reduction.

  Listen to the following example.  The first part is the original sound, and the second part is with the scratch reduction applied.  Click on the button to listen:
Listen to the sound

Apply scratch reduction $2.00 per hour of music
Note that not all noise can be eliminated without deprecating the sound of the music.  It can just be considerably reduced.

Option:  Expand frequency response for 78s

    Some 78s lack depth of bass and high frequency response.  This would adjust the EQ to give a more balanced frequency response to these recordings.
Enhance frequency response for 78s $2.00 per hour of music

Option: Add a cover (CD insert) for the CD case
lp cover            

    You may provide any artwork to be used as the CD insert for the CD case.  Album covers, or 45 sleeves can be used and are reduced to CD size.
CD case insert $4.00

Interested?  Drop us a line with any questions:
                110 Olentangy Point
                Columbus, Ohio  43202