NOTE: I will not take any jobs after December 10,
and will be closed for the months of January-February.
I will be open for business again March 1, 2018

We do it all:

Convert Records and cassette tapes to CDs and MP3s.
Convert VHS tapes to DVD 
Audio Recording - Audio Mastering
Video Editing

Create Slide Show or Presentation on DVD
Scan 35mm slides to hi-res digital pictures

            Remove scratches and hiss in the process.
            Expand the fidelity of  your 78s  ...[more information/prices]
                    ...[more information/prices]
            Make your digital photos available to anyone that has a TV and DVD player.
            Merge still photos and video clips in the same show.
            Add your commentary or use recordings of others.  ...[more information/prices
            ...[more information/prices]
            ...[more information/prices]
            ...[more information/prices]

Hours by appointment.  Just give me a call: 614-499-3627
Drop me a line with any questions:

                110 Olentangy Point
                Columbus, Ohio  43202
Directions: From High Street, turn on Kelso West.
 110 Olentangy Point