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A Moonlit Night
A Multitude of Beings
A Night with a friend
A poem on wine
A Single Gentle Rain
Adriatic Evening
And From the Summit
Antiphon for Planet Earth for piano
As You Commence Philosophy
At That Hour
Bamboo grove house
Be As Water Is
Being Here
Being Here – Instrumental parts
Being Here – piano score
Bright Cap and Streamers
But The Presence of Suffering
Chamber Music
Come, Lovely and Soothing Death
Come, Lovely and Soothing Death for solo and piano
Come, Lovely and Soothing Death - Instrumental Parts
Darwin: To love the earth – concert musical – full score
Darwin: To love the earth – concert musical – piano vocal
Dogwood bank
Eight Short Poems
Five Songs from the Rubaiyat for Low Voice
Five Songs from the Rubaiyat for High Voice
Follow the stream
For the first time awakening
Four Lucretius Songs
Free flowing water
From a maid to her far away lover
Galileo's Starry Messenger – Full Score
Galileo's Starry Messenger – Piano Vocal Score
Golden Hair
Good Night, Sweet Prince SATB
Good Night, Sweet Prince solo and piano
He Kneels before their slippered feet
Hope Alone Heals
How Beautiful
I Began To Understand
I Cannot Say How Happy
I Grew in Those Seasons
I Heard the most Pitiable Moans
I Knew How Much I Liked Him
I receive packages from Darwin
I Shall Stop trying to please everyone
I want nothing of the river
I Wanted to live Deep
I Was Seated by the Shore
If a Man Does Not Keep Pace
If I'm drunk on forbidden wine, so I am
If You Came
If You Could See What I have Seen
If You Greet the Day and Night
In spring I sleep so soundly
In the Dark Pine-wood
In the Midst of a Gentle Rain
In the Scenery of Spring
Intricate and Untraceable for piano
It is Most Curious
It is No Dream of Mine
It Is Vital
It Was As If In the Night
Joy of fields and gardens
Let Us First
Live in the Present
Love Your Life
Magnolia Bank
Must I Be Blind
My Chung-Nan retreat
My cottage on the harbor side
My Love is in a Light Attire
my mother died for piano
My Rule of life is to drink and be merry
My small boat sails to Southern Hill
No one is content
Noel Nouvelet
Nothing more than this
O Cool is the Valley Now
One note upon his lute
Pointing out each raindrop
Quelle Est Cette Odeur
Shine! Shine! Shine!
Sitting Quietly SATB piano
Sitting Quietly SATB, alto flute, piano
Sitting Quietly- flute/clarinet part
Solstice instrumental parts
Solstice piano score
Solstice score
Songs from the Chinese with piano
Songs from the Chinese with guitar
Strings In the Earth and Air
Sun and Moon
The Closed Globe of Thought Explodes
The day was powerfully hot
The Elegance of the Grasses
The Long-continued accumulation
The Moon is Late
The pines
The Power of our Love
The rain relentlessly
The Rapids by the Luans
The Stream of Life TTBB
The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
The Twilight Turns to Amethyst
There is Nothing in the World
There Were Fossils, Rocks and Bones
They Cherish Ancient Ways
This First Spring Morning
This is a Delicious Evening
This is the season for wine, roses, and friends
This Strikes Me
Though the Age Died
Time Changes the Nature of the Whole World
to embrace a tree
Waiting for my friend Ting
Wake Up my darling, it is dawn
Wake Up! For SATB and piano
Walden Complete Piano-Vocal Score
Walden Full Orchestral Score
Walden Vocal Score
We Can Never Have Enough of Nature
We Saw the Sun Rise
What Strange Pleasure this Excites in Me
What We Meant to Say SATB
What We Meant to Say TTBB
When the Shy Star Goes Forth
With All These Exalted Powers